Monday, December 9, 2013

December 2, 2013

Again, I am left with little time to write today :/
This has been a pretty laid back week. We just taught a ton of lessons, and had the opportunity to go to the Mesa Temple Lights the first night they opened. It was an awesome experience we had with one of our new investigators. His wife is a member and helps us a lot with him. He just recently got out of prison, but is the nicest man I have met.... I think. I don't really understand anything he says, so I'm not to sure.
With the whole 'Spanish' thing that have to do... It's actually coming along a little better this week. I am understandable now, and can understand more of what THEY say too. I still am trying to work on my own word range, but I feel like once I do that, I will be ok.
We had Thanksgiving at the home of an american family, (for the most part). It was pretty traditional to what I am used to. We went over early that morning to help make food, and then left to play football for a bit. We didn't eat until around 6 or 7 which is different than what I and my family are used to doing on Thanksgiving. I was pretty hungry by that point and ate a solid portion of the food we prepared. We have since, had 3 more 'Thanksgiving dinners'. I am being fed well, to say the least.
This week, we had several bittersweet experiences. One with a young, non-member boy who is in the hospital with a severe brain injury due to a car accident. His grandmother pulled other elders aside when they were there, and the referral ended up being given to us. The family comes from Yuma and the boy was life flighted here. We gave him a blessing on his arm, which was a very neat, spiritual experience.
Another was with a less active man. He lives 40 blocks from the chapel, without a car. He doesn't have a steady job, and he can't pay for electricity or food. He is a very strong spirited man, and I can feel the spirit everytime we are sitting in darkness with him. I have learned to love sharing the scriptures. They really do apply to everything that goes on in life.
I am so happy to be on a mission. It has impacted my life so far, and I know it will impact my future. I encourage everyone to pray and thank the Lord for the things that they have. I was able to share a great scripture with several families on Thanksgiving.
Alma 34:38
It talks about the importance of always thanking the Lord for the things we have, and it is absolutely true. If it weren't for Him, we would have nothing.
Have a great week, and enjoy the snow ;)
(To those of you in snowy places)
Elder Pilkington

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