Monday, December 30, 2013

Dec 30, 2013...Happy 46!

This has been a SLOW week!!
Last week on P-day, we were helping other missionaries with everything, so it was very hurried and stressful. That night, we had a few lessons, and a family home evening. Those felt way more relaxing than the rest of the day, which is usually backwards for me. We talked about the Priesthood. We have been working with a member for a few months to help him acheive his first goal of receiving the priesthood, and he finally did it. It was a happy moment for his family!
On Christmas Eve, we visited some people that don't have anyone to spend it with, and shared some spiritual thoughts and scriptures with them. After, we spent some time helping members prepare their tamales. We watched a video with a member family about the creation of the Salt Lake Temple. It was really good!!! We had tamales for dinner, and went caroling to investigators and less actives with our zone. There was one family we visited that were immensely impacted by our songs and blessing given to a family member on his death bed. It was very spiritual for everyone that was there!
On Christmas, we skyped our families!!! That was by far the best part of my week! I was allowed to go to the mission office because I have an international companion, so we spent some time with the mission president as well! I kept thinking it was going to be a little hard and sad for me, but surprisingly it was happy and joyful!! We went back, opened presents, and had ribs for dinner with the Branch President and his family, who remind me a lot of my own extended family. We went to the temple lights that night with a member family and their kids who are visiting and not members. They enjoyed it a lot, as did I.
We had a district meeting on Thursday, so that pushed back our studies. The meeting was great! We talked about and resolved some issues we were having in the branch, and learned some new insights from each other. We had more tamales for dinner, and went to the temple lights again with another investigator and his brother! That was a great night as well.
We didn't accomplish ANYTHING on Friday. Studied for several hours, and went to a New Year's party. We didn't even weekly plan! The second week in a row. My comp doesn't want to because we don't have investigators. We DO have investigators though. And even if we didn't, planning on how to get more is the best thing to do to get more. That got me kind of heated, but because I'm a trainee, I can't do anything about it apparently. Another day of the Lord's time wasted...:(
Saturday was full of service. MORE tamales!!! I ate probably 50 last week. It's better than menudo though.... We visited referrals that we had but NOBODY answered!
Yesterday, we sang again in church and studied for a while after. Then we visited a less active kid and talked to him about the gospel, and THEN we went to dinner and ate MORE tamales, AND mole. It was good, but a lot of food! We went with a member and had a lesson with 2 new investigators.
Not a very successful week, but a great week to feel the spirit of Christmas!

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