Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 27, 2013 (Elder Gutierrez-Gomez)

Ok, where do I start... I only have about 10 more minutes until my computer at the library times out, so forgive me if this is extremely short and un detailed.
First thing. I finally bought a bike!!! It was way more money than I hoped to spend, but so far, It has been worth it. There have been problems with all 3 of the other bikes in my district, that apparently have been ongoing problems with how the bikes were manufactured. As long as I keep m bike in good shape and lock the crap out of it, I should be good throughout my mission.
Last P-day, we had a family home evening with a few families combined. After, we had watermelon and chile powder.... I personally don't like it at all, but one of the members was scarfing it down and started choking! It was crazy, he threw his plate across the room and bolted to the sink. He kept throwing stuff and flailing everywhere. I ran over to him and did the heimlich. The second time I 'thrusted', he spit the food out... Pretty cool. My EMT training actually came in handy.
Transfers were on Tuesday this week. I didn't get transferred luckily, but one of our ZL's did. We have a new one living with us named E' McNabb. He is way cool!
Well, that's basically all for now. Keep loving the Lord and doing what you can to become better people and serving others. It will strengthen your lives.
Love you all!!

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