Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dec 9, 2013

This week was a lot of studying and a lot of service. We usually were inside about 5 or 6 hours a day studying or updating the area book, or things like that. We also spent about 3 hours a day serving members, investigators and random people. That was a lot of fun and a good way to spread the love of God.
On Tuesday, we spent close to 3 hours with the area book after all of our studies. We hadn't updated it since I got here, so it took a little while. We helped a family move some stuff around after dinner and that took a little while as well. We were able to meet with an investigator who is 25 years old. She is really nice and loves the things we teach. She has met with us over 6 times, but can't come to church and doesn't have a car. Oh, also she has 7 kids...... all under 12 years old..... so that's a little tough to work out.
Wednesday, I completed my 3 month mark! It is nuts how fast it has gone. I am now more than 1/8 done with my mission. It's going too fast!! I better learn Spanish faster! We ate with a member who usually gives us raw meat. Luckily, the chicken wasn't raw... but there was some hair and a rubber band in my comp's food. Good thing we have enough food at our apartment. ;)
Thursday was my comp's 26th birthday. We got donuts from a member from the English ward that morning. We bought a cake for him and ate it at our dinner. We were able to go to the temple with a less active family too. Solid b-day for him.
Again, Friday, we were in the apartment ALL DAY with planning and studies. I did however receive a box with a Christmas tree in it :) I set that up on my desk with the missionary ornament. We had some great pasole with a member family and our investigator. We were again able to go to the lights!
Saturday was packed of service! We were busy until 4 in the afternoon, then shortly after had to go to the Christmas party. It was a great turnout with the English and Spanish wards combined. The missionaries all had a part in the program. We sang The First Noel. One verse in Spanish and one in English.
Sunday was also very busy, but with meetings. We had one at 7 am with the Stake President and all the missionaries combined. After that, we had church. Then a ward correlation meeting. Then dinner. Then the Christmas Broadcast!! That was an amazing experience. I always love watching and listening to our Prophet and apostles. Especially the music. I love Christmas music :)
That was it. Not too much, nor too little. I have really enjoyed watching all of the people we are working with grow. Members, LA, investigators. All of them! The feeling I get, when I know they have felt or currently feel the Spirit because of something that I have said or done, is an amazing feeling :) I can't believe I am already 3 months done. It helps me realize when I am slacking.

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