Tuesday, September 30, 2014


(In Thomas' email this week, he is mostly answering my questions...)
Still crazy stuff for sure. We have been doing our very best to keep up with lessons even though I'm busy with ZL stuff. Somehow, we are leading the zone still in all of our numbers, which is good to see. My comp is doing well. We get along super well and teach great together!! He has been a little stressed so far with the language and having to be a comp to a ZL, but overall I think he likes everything. 

There is a family coming soon! On Thursday night they'll be there and I believe that they are planning on being there until Sunday at some point. They are going to the conference, but I'm not sure at what time. Other member families are going as well, but are staying in other places around the valley.  The dad reminds me of my dad so much!!!! He's a goofy guy haha.  They don't speak any English except for a few of the kids speak a few words. 
I love AZ a lot, and even the heat this year didn't  kill me like I thought it would. (I was in a car, so that helped.) I wouldn't mind living here, but I do love my snow during Christmas time. 
We will probably have 2 baptisms this week!! :D 

Have a great conference weekend and do all you can to get something from it! :D 

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