Tuesday, September 23, 2014

9/21/14-Elder Sorenson

We have 6 new investigators! Training is so great, but I feel bad that he has to sit through my ZL duties so often. We'll have to do several exchanges this week for different meetings that we'll be going to.
When does Suzie have Pday? I want to talk to her :)
We were able to sit with, shake hands with, and listen to Elder Nelson on Saturday! That was incredible. I absolutely know that he is an apostle of Jesus Christ and I can't wait for General Conference to listen to him again and the other amazing men and women! It really is my favorite time of year. I can now admit, that it is a more important time for me than the Super Bowl. (I wouldn't have ever said that 1 yr. ago). The importance has really hit me.
Speaking of General Conference, would you or Grandma and Grandpa be willing to host some members that are going out this time? I'm not sure how many are going, but one of our investigators may go as well. What are your thoughts?
I'm so happy to hear how your week goes
                                                          Elders Pilkington and Sorenson

Transfer Day with new missionaries

                                                           Trainers and New Missionaries

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