Monday, October 6, 2014

Oct 6, 2014 (Happy 42nd Birthday, Uncle Dave)

What a weekend! Conference is always a great time of year.
We had plans to go to the Stake Center to watch all of the sessions, but those plans changed a little bit on Friday night.
We went home a little bit early to finish planning, and while doing so, a lady came to our door. We had only talked to her once, and she had expressed to us that although she was not a member, she had close family who were members of our church. When we opened the door, she explained to us that her aunt asked her to buy food for the missionaries she had talked to. She was just leaving to run some errands and offered to buy us food. We denied the offer, but she wouldn't accept no for an answer. We gave her our Taco Bell order, (always a mistake), and she left. A little while later, she returned with our bag of Taco Bell. I'm pretty sure I only had a few bites when I started feeling a little bit different, but that didn't stop me. The last bite of the taco just about killed me. The room started spinning in circles around me and I saw four different Elder Sorensens surrounding me. I barely mumbled out to him that I felt a little sick, (a big understatement), before I just about blacked out. He caught me and dragged me to the bathroom, where I threw up everything in my system. It was awful. I'm pretty sure the lady spiked my food.
Anyway, we ended up going to the mission home and watching conference there with President and Sister Sweeney for the Saturday sessions.
We were able to get home and go to the Priesthood session that night, and Sunday we went to the Stake Center as well.
My conference highlights were:
Lynn G Robbins- Apostasy= lowering the Lord's standards to the level of inappropriate, worldly behavior. There are a lot more 'apostate' things going on than most of us think.
Chi Hong (Sam) Wong-  Every calling is important.
Dallin H Oaks- Even though we are in the world, we must not be OF the world.
Neil L Anderson- Despite what comes, this great cause will go forward.
Tad R Callister- I just want to thank my mom and dad for providing Suzie and me with our spiritual breastplate, shield and sword as we grew up.
Lots more, but not much more time. Sorry.
Elder Pilkington

                                                       Elders Pilkington and Sorensen

                                                               Breakfast of Champions

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