Thursday, September 18, 2014

9/17/14-New Assignment AND Companion

Suzie, I love you! :D I'm so excited for you to be in San Diego and enjoy the Spirit that you will feel throughout the next 17.5 months. It'll go by fast, so make the most of it!!
We got calls early last week due to a conference President had to be at. He called Elder Swanson and me on Wednesday. He asked me if I would train!! Of course I accepted it. I'm staying in the same area with the car on the reservation. Then he asked if Elder Swanson would train a missionary into Spanish work. He has been out for a while but is switching to Spanish. THEN he asked us if we would still be Zone Leaders..... So now we are split up but still the ZLs for this zone.
My companion is super cool. His name is Elder Matthew Sorensen from South Jordan, UT. We get along great and it will stay that way. He has awesome desires to serve and do the best he can. We are just going to follow the spirit in everything we do and we know we'll be blessed from Heavenly Father.
The two baptisms we were planning on won't happen this week either, but Y will be baptized on the 27th. She has told us already that she is ready, she just wants her family to accept it more than they do right now. O is close as well. He told several members, during church last Sunday, that he was going to be baptized soon. He also has two young kids who we are trying to teach as well. More on that to come.
Something that has been impressed on my mind strongly this past week are family home evenings. For those who don't know, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Monday nights have been set aside for family time. During this time, we are encouraged to set goals together, learn about certain principles and guidelines that will bless our family, and really just be with one another. Even if your kids are grown and out of the house. Our church leaders have counseled us on the importance of doing them regularly, and I have seen lots of blessings go to families who do it. I want everyone to have the same blessing! :D
Wish me luck on this training thing so I don't ruin the rest of Elder Sorensen's mission! ;D
Elder Pilkington
PS It's been raining and flooding here a lot! It's fun to drive in though ;)
PSS Elder Nelson is coming this Saturday to address us and the Mesa mission!!

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