Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 22, 2015

We've been staying busy in Snowflake!

A week ago, we were completely packed. We had exchanges two days that week, an all day temple trip and 3 days in the valley to hear from Elder Lynn G Robbins. At that meeting, we discussed responsibility and accountability. It was true and powerful doctrine that he used to teach us. The bulk of the discussion was focused around agency, which I think is an under appreciated gift we've been given. It allows us to grow and progress through our time on earth, but we also will have outcomes that we will have to take responsibility for. We got back early Sunday morning, just in time for our 7:30 ward councils. We literally had zero time to 'take it slow'. We were rushing all week. It was a fun week though!  

This past weekend, we had another baptism! C was able to be baptized and confirmed by one of his friends who is the Elders Quorum president in that ward. It was so neat to feel the spirit and see his joyful reaction upon coming up out of the water. 

We set a family on date this week. We know the Lord's hand has been involved! The changes we've witnessed are indescribable and they have made an incredible change in their lives. A true softening of hearts from the Lord. Their date has been set for July 11.

We have been approved for the area book/planner app on our ipads. This stage takes hours to complete, and we only have 1 week to do it. We've pretty much been asked to take whatever extra time we have between studies and dinner to record the names from the area book. It will be a slow week with lots of time spent inside, but after this, we'll be able to get through things lots quicker. 

I'm just about out of time. I know the Lord is continuing to move His work forward. He has given us another tool to bless our lives with the ability to share what we know and live. He's given us great tools to move his work along for a long time! First, the Liahona was used to guide the people to where the Lord wanted them to be. Second, the Urim and Thummim have been an incredible tool to help translate the scriptures we have today. Now, we have been given technology that will bless the lives of many. The cool thing about this tool compared to others the Lord has provided, is that each of us have access to it! Use it and see the miracles happen! 

Elder Pilkington


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