Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 8 and 15, 2015

We had a full week and we're looking forward to another packed week.
First, we had a baptism! I think I've told the story already, but K has been struggling to make this decision for a while. Her mom is part of another religion and her dad is a member of ours. She just turned 18 and decided to be baptized. She's the most converted 18 yr old I've met! At her baptism, we filled the entire chapel! There were over 150 people there to support her, including her mom and other siblings who aren't part of our religion and probably 20 people from her mom's side of the family. All together, we counted about 50 non members.
Throughout the week, we stayed busy with lessons and other activities. We didn't teach as many lessons as we maybe would've liked to, but the quality of each of our lessons was high. We have 2 more baptism dates that will happen this month, and 3 others that are scheduled for this month, but will most likely have to be pushed back.
I had a really neat experience with family history too! We have a temple trip this week, and in preparation for that, we took some time one day to find some names to take with us. I've always kind of felt like my family history was almost done and being taken care of by others, so I wasn't really expecting to find a whole lot. As I was searching the family lines, I came across a particular family and had a strong feeling to work on them. I assumed I needed to work on the father and spent all my time on him. I found out, when I got ready to print his ordinance form, that he was a duplicate and all his work had been done already. I still felt like I had to work to do within the family, so I went to the children and found that none of them had their work done yet! I had to find a little bit of info to be able to request their ordinance work, but now I have 5 different names to take with me to the temple!! Who knew family history was exciting.....?

I had to spend a few days in the valley for a Mission Leadership Council Thursday and Friday. We talked about ipads a little bit more. They gave us some instruction on how to most effectively use the area book and planner app and we discussed the decrease in numbers since the ipads came out. Although helpful and efficient, I think a lot of missionaries waste time on their ipads. Hopefully we can figure out how to reduce the negative and maximize the positive with our new tools.
We have a lot going on this week. Exchanges with the assistants, temple trip, and another MLC with Elder Robbins this coming weekend.
Thank you for the prayers, letters and love you send me. It helps!
Elder Pilkington


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