Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Aug 10, 2015

Here we go. The week of lasts for me on my mission. Last P-day, last
email home, last everything. I never thought this would come, and I'm
still in denial I think. I'm full of bittersweet emotions!

For those of you who don't know, I was transferred from Snowflake for
my last transfer. I've been able to spend the last 6 weeks of my
mission immersed in Spanish work in Phoenix again! It was a little
tough at first to get back into complete conversations in Spanish, but
I've been able to feel comfortable again luckily. I was released from
my zone leader position, but asked to be one of the district leaders
in the Paradise Valley Zone, which I've absolutely loved. That
transition was a little difficult for me as well. I had only been a
district leader for one per transfer before this, but lots of their
responsibilities had changed since then. I had to relearn everything
related to that calling.

Last week I was asked to baptism a woman that I interviewed. She is so
Christlike and loving to all people. She later told me that the reason
she asked me to baptize her was because of our birthday (which is
September 1 for both of us) and I guess I was able to calm her nerves
going into the interview. She felt good around me, which makes me
happy to hear. Also, this past Saturday Elder Thompson and I had a
baptism for somebody that we taught. His name is J and he is an
incredibly prepared 16 yr old. Our bishop decided to give him the
priesthood yesterday, which is a pretty rare thing to happen in this
ward, but the bishop felt strongly that he was ready!

I can't relate over email the emotions and feelings I get from
actively participating in this gospel. The plan of salvation that God
has prepared for us is amazing! I know that it, as well as other
truths and doctrines were restored through the young Prophet Joseph
Smith. Every time I think about him and other prophets that we've had
since then, a powerful feeling of comfort fills me and I can't help
but testify that they are real men called of God to bring his sons and
daughters (each of us) closer to him. I'm grateful I've been able to
serve in this capacity as an extension to the prophet and apostles.

I know that my Savior and Redeemer lives. He lives to give us a
're-do' in life. There is an unlimited number of 're-do' we can use IF
we are striving to improve. He loves us unconditionally and always

That's about as good as I can get over email. I'm excited to see and
spend time around each of you when I get home!

I again thank you for the great amounts of support you've shown me
throughout my life and during this part of it especially.

Elder Pilkington



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