Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3/3/14--6 MONTH MARK!

Man same slow week. This white washing thing is a lot harder than we both thought.
We still don't have investigators, but we spend all day everyday looking for and talking to everyone we see. They are all either members already or white people that don't know spanish. The main way we have been able to talk to people so far is through the members. They have given great referrals!
On Monday, we were driving through the reservation and we saw 3 massive Bald Eagles at the top of a tree. That was pretty cool. Also, there are lots of wild dogs on the res., and we got chased by a couple going over 30 mph. Then we saw a larger native brother on his bike getting chased by like 4 of them. His face was priceless. We probably should've helped him, but I think he got away ok.....
We have had several decent lessons with some less actives, but the spirit was missing in most of those. These are people that don't have much desire to return and honestly don't want us there, so it's tough to feel much spirit if there is contention.
The majority of our week was walking, (my bike tire popped, again), to appointments that ended up getting cancelled, and getting poured on in the rain. Two days getting soaking wet from the rain this week. When it rains in AZ, it rains. The flash floods that people talk about are real.
The Temple dedication for the Gilbert Temple was sweet! Awesome experience to partake in.
My half birthday passed on Saturday, (if anyone cares), and my 6 month mark hits tomorrow. The time has flown by. I don't even realize that I am one fourth of the way done with my mission.
Again, I want to thank you all for the support that you give me. It really helps to strenghthen me and my companions as well.
Never stray from the Gospel of Christ. 1 Nephi 22:31 has been shared by me a lot this week. It is absolutely true. We don't have much that we need to do in order to enter the Kingdom of Our Father.  
Elder Pilkington

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