Monday, March 17, 2014

March 10, 2014

This week has really helped us to see the miracles that God puts in our lives.
After a great dinner with Bob and Ginger Newell, (one of my Dad's mission comps and his wife), we had an great Family Home Evening with several recent converts and a member family. It was such a powerful message that was shared and the spirit was felt so strong.
On Tuesday, we got to feel more of the amazing spirit as we attended the Mesa Temple as a zone. It was one of the most spiritual sessions I have attended. As one of our strong members was helping us with some visits, he told me that his son who is serving in California right now, sent him an email asking if he knew an Elder Pilkington. That was extremely surprising to them, as it is not a common name.

Throughout the week, we have really built strong relationships with the people, and gotten to understand them better, the same they have with us.
I had a sweet exchange with Elder Lindeman from South Jordan, UT. Although he is an English missionary and doesn't know Spanish, it was great to have his awesome spirit with me. He really helped me focus on what the purpose as a missionary is. Awesome spirit and awesome missionary. We were able to give a blessing to an older woman who has been struggling recently. As I closed this particular blessing, she, being full of the spirit and crying, thanked us for always bringing the spirit of Christ with us.
We had the majority of our appointments cancel during the week, but the ones we did have were full of the spirit and truth that the gospel brings. I encourage all who aren't members or who have been away from the church, for different reasons, to come back. You are missing so many blessings and even though you may already have happiness and peace in your lives, you can have even more.
We taught various lessons this week with our new investigators, now 8. If you were to ask me last week about the possibility of having 8 investigators, I would have told you a low percentile. My faith was obviously lacking and I have now realized that. As I discussed my frustration with our Mission President, President Sweeney, he explained to me that we are doing what we need to be doing and that it isn't just about whether we are doing things right, but also the time frame and desire of the Lord. This is absolutely true in EVERYTHING we do in life. The Lord is in charge of it all and we need to put 100% trust and love in Him in order to be successful.

Bloopers of the week:
1. As I was 'dismounting' my bike earlier this week, my pants caught the seat and completely ripped. I had to walk home with my underwear showing.
2. When we got transferred, our mail was being sent to the wrong box, which we didn't have a key for. We just barely realized it, and found all the mail. If you have sent me mail in the last 2 or 3 weeks and I haven't responded yet, this is why. I'll get on that today.
I know the Lord lives and guides us in all we do. He gives us tests and challenges to go through in life, with the intention of helping us in the long run and making us stronger. No matter how bad a problem may be, DON'T GIVE UP and especially, DON'T try to get through it alone. God wants to help, you just have to let him.
I love you and thank you so much for the support I have from family and friends. I can truly feel the prayers of the people.
Elder Pilkington

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