Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Challenging Week

This has been one of the toughest weeks in my mission in one way, but in another, one of the best and most uplifting.
As some of you know from my last letter, I was transferred last Tuesday and am now serving in Mesa in the Mesa Grande Spanish Branch. I was of course excited for change, but nervous as well. Our Mission President told us we would be 'white washing' which means starting from scratch in an area to fix previous problems. When we first got here, the apartment was a mess and the area book, (our only tool to use for information), was completely empty.
We did what we could, using other missionaries and our ward mission leader for help, and we went on our way, trying to find houses with potential. This entire past week has been us riding up and down the streets on our 1/4 mile area, looking for former investigators.
The most difficult part for us is gaining trust back from the people here. The members, the other missionaries, and even the investigators. The other missionaries caused some pretty good sized problems for a lot of people and therefore, nobody has trust in us anymore.
The difficult parts about this area, so far:
1. My bike tire popped
2. Our area in TINY
3. Everyone is member here, so there is not a whole ton of potential
4. The potential that there WAS, has been lost in distrust
The rewarding parts of this area:
1. We have gained member trust back already, and many of them are extremely willing to help us
2. We have several return appointments with formers who are willing to give us a chance
3. We gave a very powerful blessing to a less active widow
4. Finally, people are gaining trust in us!
So, it's been tough, but the miracles and blessing of the Lord are coming. I am so glad to be where I am right now, (especially since we are a 20 bike ride from the temple). I know the Lord is with us and guides us where we need to go. He loves us all and wants us all to know that. My testimony of this gospel grows stronger everyday and I can't wait to share it with more people.

Elder Pilkington

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