Monday, November 18, 2013

November 11, 2013

This week has been a bit better for the most part. No near death experiences that I can remember, but I did see a dead woman. We were at the hospital giving a blessing to Oscar's dad. Everything turned out ok, but on our way out, we saw two life flights land. One of them was a man with some serious trauma. They were working on him on the way in to the hospital. The next one was a woman who didn't look like she had any trauma. Nobody was working on her and she wasn't breathing. I think that stuff is really interesting, just cause I learned a lot about it with being an EMT.
I have participated in 5 blessings this week. I haven't actually given the blessing yet, but I have done the oil. Everybody always chooses the two white kids to do the blessing. Elder Wilson and me. It has been a really cool experience to participate in all of them though. Very spiritual, whether or not I have to read the words for now.
We have 3 new investigators as of this week. Total, we have I think 11 investigators right now. Only about 7 of them are progressing, but 4 or 5 have baptismal dates. Their dates keep getting pushed back because they don't come to church. My spanish ability is still stressing me out a little bit. I can understand a lot when people aren't talking directly to me, but when they ask me questions or something like that, I freeze. I was able to, (forced to), share my testimony in sacrament meeting this past Sunday. All of the missionaries in the branch sang and gave talks/testimonies. Many people told me they could understand everything I said and was glad I could speak so quickly after arriving, but many people also told me it was a good thing the Spirit could speak for me...... oh well. Haha :)
There was one day this week, where we talked to several drunk people. They were mean and swearing at us... That got me kind of ticked off. Normally, I would throw it right back at them, but being a missionary, I had to control myself. Definitely something I can work on for the rest of my mission.
This coming Thursday, I will have 1 month in the field. Time seriously goes SO fast!!
I had a really cool experience with prayer this week. During personal study, I was reading out of D&C. I realized, that I don't really know if it is true. I usually pray about things like that! So I did. I got a answer to read chapter 18, verse 37. Ok.... but what book? I started in the BOM and looked for every 18:37 from every book. I finally found it in 3 Nephi. The very last line of the verse says, "And I will show unto you hereafter that this record is true". That was the coolest thing ever!! I doubt that was a 'coincidence'.
We went to the visitor's center again this week with a family wanting to recieve recommends. It was great to talk about how they can do that. I really miss being able to go to the temple though. If you have the ability to do so, go to the temple as much as you can!! It's such an amazing, spiritual opportunity.
Elder Pilkington

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