Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 28, 2013 (Elder Gutierrez-Gomez)

Oct 28 at 1:28 PM
Hey everybody!!
I only have 10 minutes to bust this out!!
A lot of great things have happened. First, we have 4 new investigators!! 2 of them have families and the other two are older woman. Our other investigator that I told you was going to be baptized on the 2nd can't be baptized until the 9th. He is excited though. I am excited for him! He hasn't decided who he wants to baptize him, but I imagine that it's E' Gutierrez because he has been the one to teach him everything. His brother who was recently baptized is inactive now. We are trying to get him back, but he has a lot of problems in his life that he needs help with.
The lady from the park has been sick ALL week and we haven't had a chance to talk with her. We will probably go to her house every day this week and try to teach her
I am understanding the language more and more every day, but it's still pretty hard to understand and my accent isn't great. I LOVE this area so much! I am considering moving down here for a bit after my mission. I'm sure that will change by the time I leave. We get fed well here. Just so you know.
The zone leaders are E's Wilson from Utah, and Hernandez from Puerto Rico. I really like them! Everybody in my zone actually. I am in a Spanish only branch, but a lot of the people speak English too. It's really helpful. The branch presidency is great. One of the counselors doesn't talk much and the President doesn't speak a lot of English. The other counselor is a younger guy who speaks mostly English. It's a fairly small branch. Maybe 200 or so members, but probably only 60 or 70 are active. A lot of what we do is re activation.
I'm not sure what we do on Halloween.  I've heard we have to be in by dark. I'll have to check on that
I apologize for the the un-organization of this letter. Hopefully I will have more time next week for the letter

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