Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Conference Weekend at the MTC (Elder Hall)

Hola todos!
Esta semana fue mejor que ultima semana! 
Conference was a really humbling experience for everyone in the MTC! I´m happy I was able to experience that here. Our general authorities are amazing. They really are completely full of the spirit and this great work. I was happy to hear so many people talk about missionary work. The excitement hear was crazy. And when we sing songs like ´Called to Serve´. 
On Sunday night, we had a ´special devotional´. It was really cool. Everybody thought at first that it was going to be an apostle, but to our surprise and excitement, it was Vocal Point. The devotional they did was amazing. Several of the members were able to talk about their experiences as missionaries and the things they struggled with and had to go through. They then sang songs and on some of them, they allowed us to join in towards the end. The spirit they brought and invited was incredible. My favorite they did, as always, was ´Be Still My Soul´. It was right after a member talked about not having to do anything alone. It reminded me of my farewell talk and my purpose here. I was close to tears. 
That was the closest I have been to crying here until just a few minutes ago. I was typing a letter to my Grandma, and I got an overwhelming feeling. It was amazing. I was inspired by the spirit to say certain things to her. I knew they were from my grandpa. It was incredible. As I typed, I actually started to cry. It definitely was one of the most spiritual experiences in my life. 
On Tuesday night, we attended a devotional given by John Madsen I think. He is a former member of the Seventy. At first I thought it was boring and that I would fall asleep for sure. He began to talk about the Atonement and it turned into an amazing learning experience for me. I´m glad I didn´t sleep through it. Really anytime someone, who holds or who has held that kind of power, speaks the spirit is extremely strong and testifies directly to you. Especially if you´re trying to sleep. 
Wednesday night, we were ´required´ by our teacher to do a demo for new missionaries. We had to be the missionaries. I was stoked at first! Then I found out it was in English......shoot. I don´t know how to teach in English.... I´m in trouble! It didn´t go so great. It was a good experience to learn from, but sad that I had to embarrass myself in front of 50 new missionaries. We went in and began to talk to a sister who had been visited once before by missionaries who had been transferred. We asked her what she had been taught and understood. It was going well at first, but then I started speaking Spanish and asking her random questions that didn´t apply well to anything we had already talked about. Oh well, I learned from it. 
All day Thursday, we attended an in field orientation. We learned a lot about the importance of planning in the field and also the importance of involving the members and working with leaders in the church. It was really helpful, but also really long! We were there for almost 9 hours. I saw the Baileys though! I had a really nice, really short conversation with them! It was great to see more familiar faces walking around!!!
Last night I read an amazing letter from my sister. I cried. Ask her for details. No she´s not getting married.... I hope. 
Well I only have 2 full days left here. I´m extremely excited to go, but also somewhat nervous. I don´t think they do Dear Elder outside of the MTC, so don´t send me anything from there anymore. I would start sending things to AZ starting tonight. Otherwise they won´t get to me by Monday. 
My buddy Zac who is also serving right now recommended a mormon message a few weeks ago. I have watched it several times since, and it is amazing. It is called Earthly Father, Heavenly Father or something to that extent. Please watch it!!! It is so good! 
I don´t know when my P day will be in the field, but I´ll email as soon as I can! 

Elder Pilkington

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