Friday, September 13, 2013

Week Two-MTC (Elder Misalucha)


Como estan?

I am doing even better this week, because we moved to West Campus!! It basically is like getting out of jail compared to Main Campus. Both are great though, don't get me wrong. 

MY companion showed up on Monday and he is a great Elder. His name is Elder Colin Misalucha. He is from the Philippines, which I thought was way neat, because that's where Jake, (my cousin) is serving right now. E' Misalucha lived in Manila. Downtown, I guess you could call it. His dad is Benson Misalucha, former member of the seventy! 

My old comps received their visas on Tuesday afternoon and were sent off at 3:00 in the morning on Wednesday. It was pretty sad because we had grown extremely close, even though it was only one of serving together. They are both serving in the Barcelona, Spain mission. I wonder if they'll see Zac around Madrid while they are in the MTC. 

The rest of my companions, (in the district), are great. There is only one companion that we've all had problems with. He doesn't seem to care at all about being here to serve a mission. He only cares about doing what he wants. He doesn't follow any of the rules and doesn't listen to authority. I have had a few long talks with him about his struggles, and he said he doesn't have a testimony or believe if any of it is true. You would wonder why he is still here right? Right. That's what we're all wondering too. I'll keep you updated on him in future emails, but for now, don't be surprised if he ends up going home before the MTC period is over.

On Tuesday, we were moved to West Campus of the MTC. It is right around the corner from Lavell Edwards Stadium, so we'll be able to hear the Utes beat BYU a week from tomorrow. That will definately make me happy! We are now living in Wyview housing and have all of our classes and meals and mail in Raintree apartments. Our whole zone shares one apartment. Each district gets their own room. It's very crowded and very hot, but worth it because of the housing privileges. E' Misalucha and I get our very own apartment at Wyview. It's empty. I feel like the best part of Wyview is the on campus creamery and outdoor bball courts the MTC has put up.

Basketball here is good, but there are way too many rules. We can't play one on one, touch the net, rim, or backboard, and we can only play to seven, win by two. Other than that, it's great -_-.

If anybody reading this would like to talk with me personally, I love to get letters and packages! I can read those throughout the week, I just can't respond until Fridays. I always love emails too. Gracias!

-Elder Thomas Alan Pilkington

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