Hola Todos!

I am still doing very well in the MTC! As I mentioned last week, our zone got moved to the West Campus! It has been great! Really free and open and we get to walk down to Brigham's landing on Pdays. Most places there give us discounts on everything! 
On Monday, I was asked by my Branch President to be the new DL for my district. Of course I accepted the calling. It has been great so far except for one thing. The Elder I mentioned last time has gotten worse. He's rude to everyone, disrespectful to leaders and teachers and is only focused on worldly things. Every single Elder in my district has complained about the mean things he has said to them. Behind teacher's and branch presidency member's backs, he calls them really awful names. That's unacceptable outside of being an Elder, but especially while he is supposed to be a representative of the Lord. It really is upsetting to our whole district. We can't feel the spirit when he's around.  I was told that the chances of him getting sent home are extremely high. It upsets me, but at the same time, I'm so glad that our district will become closer and be able to feel the spirit now. He doesn't know yet, but supposedly he leaves Sunday night. I'm a little scared for his reaction. He gets pretty violent when he's upset, and I know he's going to try something on one of us. I'm not too worried about myself, as I have 5 inches on him and could live, but the rest of my district is pretty intimidated by him. Hopefully that all ends well.
My Spanish has increased so much even in the last week! I can't remember if I mentioned our talks last time, but each Sunday we are expected to write talks in Spanish on a specific topic and we randomly get called out of the congregation to give them. This week's topic is repentance. I have most of mine finished. 
Each day, we get gym time, which is my favorite part of the day. I play basketball on the outdoor courts the MTC has created and run around the complex every night. If anything, I think I have lost weight. I eat a ton of salad and fruits and do as much exercise as I can each night. I run ladders between the parking stalls in front of my apartment and do short sprints between the two curbs in the parking lot. I do push ups, sit ups and squats every night and curl the kitchen chairs often too. 
My comp is serving in SLC East!! Find him if you can mid-way through October. The rest of my district is going to Ciudad Juarez Mexico.
E' Webster and E' Ray have been assigned as the new Zone Leaders. E' Webster has been called as the new music director for our zone, and E' Castleton and E' Hall have been called as directors of the sacrament. (whatever that means). 
I am extremely grateful for the blessings of the Lord. I am able to pray many times each day and study a lot as well. I know the more I do these things, the better I become and the more the Lord blesses me. 
Have a great week and continue writing me, sending me packages, and emailing me!!

Elder Thomas Alan Pilkington