Friday, September 27, 2013

Week Four-Difficult Week (Elder Hall)

Hello again!

This month has gone by extremely fast! Almost 1/24 done!!
I still haven't seen Chloe (good friend going to Alpine Germany mission in October but volunteering at MTC until then), and I doubt I will :/ I am so proud and excited for her! She will do amazing!!

I am so excited for General Conference! We are down to only 2 districts left after Monday.
This week has really been more of a struggle for me. Last week, after I talked with my zone leaders about E' Hall, I prayed several times for him. I asked The Lord to put him into the best situation for him and for our district. I think the Lord heard the first part, but not the second. I was called into the Br. President's office on Sunday, thinking I would be notified of E' Hall's departure. I was completely shocked when the President asked me to be Elder Hall's new companion. I realized The Lord had other plans than what we thought. I said I thought it was a great idea. -_-   The President continued to tell me I am the best thing for Elder Hall right now, because I'm not judgmental, I follow all the rules with exactness, and I don't take crap from anybody. I kinda laughed a bit but left with a positive, hopeful attitude. We moved him across the hall and now it's only me and him in our apartment. He has improved greatly this week with many things such as studying and most of the crude humor he has. He still doesn't realize however that it is required of us to have a certain attitude and countenance as missionaries. He still walks like a thug and does things that you would NEVER think to see a missionary do. At night, he writes his girlfriend until 11 most of the time, and still has a lot of the same language and negative attitude he has gotten in trouble for, the last 3 weeks. I don't know what to do anymore. I talk to him about it everyday and nothing seems to change. The language is still a huge barrier for him as well. He doesn't want to try most of the time and just says he'll learn it in Mexico. I don't know exactly what he thinks we're supposed to do here, but the rest of us assume it's to prepare as a missionary. 
Another thing that has bugged me this week is one of the Hermanos that helps us during class time. We gave an amazing lesson to our "investigator" Yohana. We all felt the spirit so strongly, and it was only a practice. We almost committed her to baptism too. After that lesson, we began to plan for our other lesson with Hector, using the same strategies we used while teaching Yohana. Hermano Wright came in and asked us about it and completely shut down ALL the ideas we had been praying about and discussing for the last couple days. He said we haven't learned anything and that our ideas would NEVER work. He basically told us we weren't focused on the spirit and that his way was the only way. You can probably imagine how that lesson went. 
There is not much more to report about. I know what I need to do to stay with The Spirit and I know the Lord will bless me if I do what I have been asked to do. 
Keep sending letters!! My whole district only got 3 letters this week......
Elder Pilkington

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