Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 8, 2015

Happy Easter!
What an amazing time of year. I posted on facebook earlier this week how much I've grown in my understanding of Easter. It really is true! I used to get excited (and I still do! :)) for the time spent with my family doing Easter Egg hunts and eating pounds of jelly beans alone. I now am beginning to understand the true and honest meaning of Easter and how I can personally be affected by our Savior.
As I watched my last General Conference of my mission this past weekend, I thought and prayed a lot about my relationship with Christ and also about how I can become more like Him. The first two sessions on Saturday talked all about family and marriage, which was an answer to prayers for me. I'm not 'trunky' or anything, but I have been thinking a lot about the future. I've been thinking about how I, (and the Lord), want my children to be raised. The more I ponder it, the more I realize just how much this mission has prepared me. Whether I start my family in less than a year (don't worry mom, it's not too likely), or in 5, I have a firm testimony and comforting feeling that the Lord will bless and guide us as my wife and I seek His counsel.
I really enjoyed the Sunday sessions of Conference too! It was 100% centered on Jesus Christ and very powerful. I strongly encourage you to take time to watch this powerful testimony of our Savior and how He matters in your life.  Testimony of Christ
We have just finished with our latest transfer and I am staying in Snowflake as a zone leader. I have a new companion named Elder Rayas, who I've known for my whole mission. He goes home in July, just 1 transfer before I leave. What we've heard from our president is that we'll probably both finish our missions here. That means I'll only have 3 areas in my mission! This is a great place to finish though. The work is great and the people are loving.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE watch the BecauseHeLives video that I put on Facebook and also, WATCH THE TESTIMONY OF CHRIST!! It is amazing how much He's done for us compared to the amount we include Him in our lives. He needs to be everything to us!
I can't wait to get home, (again, not trunky), and apply the things I've learned on my mission.
I love you!
Elder Pilkington

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