Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dec 1, 2014

(Again, Thomas' letter was mostly answering some questions.  We are excited to hear what happens with transfers this week!  Also, they were going to have a baptism on Friday and one on Saturday.  Excited to hear how those came about!)
Elder Sorensen, my companion who went home, sent me a few messages today and called us last week. He has some stomach virus that could have been a lot worse had he stayed here. I'm happy he took care of it!! He may come back out in about 4 months if it medicine can take care of it.
I'm so excited for Dustin! (friend who was just called to the Alpine Germany Mission) Will he be there when Chloe is still there? (another friend currently serving there)
Elder Gutierrez left on Saturday to go home to Mexico. President and Sister Sweeney let us go to lunch together on Friday. In fact, they went with us! We went to LoLo's chicken and waffles. It was SOOOO good!! He left behind some Mexican souvenirs to send home!
Thanksgiving was all traditional except one member had beans too. I was surprised. We had 4 dinners and a breakfast and I kept it all down. The 4th dinner I had to cut back the portion a lot though. The Breakfast was after a 'Turkey Run' that the Stake did. We helped set up at 6:30 and then ran a mile after. Then we had a Turkey Bowl with the Natives which was sweet! Our first dinner was with the Stake President and his family, (The Palmers). Then with a recent convert, then a member family, then the ward mission leader. I was stuffed! We don't have a scale at the new apartment, but I probably gained a few.

It sound like you had a lovely Thanksgiving! Not too busy at all. The best part is that that was your last one alone! (Well, without at least one of your kids there). I only have 5 transfers left, which will fly by. I've already been in Mesa for 7 transfers! If I stay one more transfer, I'll hit a year in this ward almost. That rarely happens!

Uhh... mmm.. ya know, the mission really makes me have a bad memory. I wouldn't know what to tell you.... But really though, I don't remember ever getting around the fire at all. (The fireplace in the basement was broken and the repairman said that it looked like someone had smashed into it and the spring-loaded connection came loose.  I had asked Thomas if he "knew anything about some horseplay/wrestling near it".  Maybe his friends who are reading this blog can help Thomas jog his "missionary memory"?  LOL!)

Dad's news is crazy! It's super awesome, but how?!?!? Please take video, pictures, everything! (Thomas' reaction to his Dad singing with Weezer this week!)

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