Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov 3, 2014

Another short report for these last two weeks...
The zone only had a few changes with this last transfer, and none of them were with our ward. We are all the same setup. We do live together for now (zone leaders, but each training different companions), but President is thinking about switching us up a little bit to help some other missionaries stay on task. We are the only spanish ward in the zone. There are several spanish branches in Phoenix and one in South Scottsdale. One of my buddies and I are talking to President about opening a new spanish branch in North Scottsdale. If it actually does happen, it won't for some time. 

The Spanish trainings we do are for the spanish missionaries in the valley zones. We get together and have discussions basically of what we can do to improve. 

The facebook is going well. I'm not supposed to chat, but if you have referrals for missionaries, I'd love to help :)
I was able to go for Halloween and I took a family name! I did the baptism, confirmation and initiatory for William Pilkington. I found out that the 'duplicate check' that I did probably wasn't the most thorough and that he has probably already had his work done. Oh well, it was cool for me either way.

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